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Invite Dr. Court for invaluable advice.

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Life Coaching:

Zoom with Dr. Court

I'm fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau and I recently received a 5 Star review from a satisfied client. This review can be viewed from my BBB Profile, which can be accessed from the BBB icon link below.


Client sessions may focus on achieving personal, professional, and/or educational goals; as we work together to achieve success.


I have completed approximately 17 years of college and hold 4 degrees: BA, MS, JD (Law), and PhD (Psychology). I also have over 40 years of work experience; including over 13 years in management at AT&T. In addition, I have over 20 years of real estate investment experience. 

Moreover, I have been married for over 20 years, I have 3 daughters, and have known several friends for many decades. So, due to my relationships track record, I may also be able to help clients improve their relationships with others; since "people need people." 

Therefore, as a dual doctorate achiever in my mid 50s, I may have the life experience necessary to try to help you navigate the ongoing trials and tribulations encountered throughout life’s journey.

Subsequently, we may strive to learn and grow together via confidential Zoom sessions. 

Only $49 per 40 minute Zoom session for one person.

Free 15 minute consultation. 

Request a free consultation (adults 18+). 

512-694-6786 (text only please)

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